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Delightful atmosphere like a hill station on the streets of Sehore

Delightful atmosphere like a hill station on the streets of Sehore
  the feeling of cold frost, the slight increase in temperature, the hilly areas of northern India Jammu and Kashmir in the Brahmi region of Kashmir.  

  Did not appear on.  Drivers running in the morning have also experienced difficulty due to the freezing cold due to heavy fog from the fog.  In which were Saurashtra and Kutch of Gujarat.  In some areas, the temperature rise in the area is lower as the mercury drops in the area by the cooling of the tea mugs.  The snowstorm was found to be cooperating with the colder temperatures, while the cold has experienced severe cold in the district and Gujarat along with heavy seahor.  At dawn, dense fog erupts from the sky.  The weather forecast was likely to be much colder this morning, with foggy fog early this morning.  It is being shown by the rays of the sun even though it is sunrise.  Annual Festival of Village Dakshinamurthy will be held next Thursday at Ambala: Village D…

Deshna Garibone dar mahine nyuntam aavak 12,000 apase : Rahul

Deshna Garibone dar mahine nyuntam aavak 12,000 apase : Rahul


     The minimum monthly income will be 12,000 per month for the poor of the country: Rahul will be provided Rs. 72,000 per year for poor families, Congress will get minimum income scheme, around 25 crore people will be justice). 60 lakh crore Congress government will be covered: Rahul is expected to spend

   The practice of poverty reduction will make the country economically vulnerable, the development will be stalled, new deaf people said, 20 percent of the country's poor people When the poor families are living, Congress gives 25 crore voters to the voters by the government The Congress guarantees Congress Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

  Every caste and every religion said that Congress will be benefitted from this scheme on the poverty-stricken country in the country.

  The last Rahul Gandhi said on poverty, that poverty will be eradicated, that the country has hit the Lok Sabha elections. Congress will become a Congress government after the minimum income scheme, Congress will be implemented in a phased manner by the Congress and 20 per cent of the poor families will be given Rs 12,000 per month in the bank account of the minimum income.

   Will come Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, as the MNREGA partner, has been named the Minimum Eye Scheme (NYAY), we fulfilled the promise given to farmers: Rahul Gandhi said before that, take a look at the plan of Prime Minister Farmer's Integrated Kund  acres of land The beneficiaries of the land holders were MPs in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and they have fulfilled the promise. I am making this promise for 20% of the country's poor today. Before the pilot project will run and then it will be implemented in full swing, Congress has reviewed the elaborate plan of the scheme and after considering discussion with the nominated economists and experts, the minimum for the poor