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Thelina dudh pivathi cencer no khatro

Penalties increased by up to 3 times: Fear of people What are the new traffic rules .... Motor Vehicle AQ Amendment) - New rules and provisions of 2 Since September 1, the entire state of Gujarat including the city of Ahmedabad has been implemented together and across the country. In case of a violation of traffic rules, the penalty amount is increased up to 3 times. The negligence of the drivers may now be very heavy. If the offense is no longer worn a new seat belt •. General General Chat Chat Lounge 1 - ST cut

Julai mashma 1983 jevi ativrusti thavana edhan, chomashu vahelu beshse

Julai mashma 1983 jevi ativrusti thavana edhan, chomashu vahelu beshse


In the year of July 1983, the monsoon will sit early. Holi Jhal 64 minutes from west to east and - 30 minutes northwest of the city via the WeatherPoint. As Junagadh remained, the thunder was towards it - then the direction of the wind direction from the direction of wind in this year, 1983, for the next 30 minutes was towards this year in July. This means that one is looking for a stormy one. Monsoon rains occur. Jamnagar district will start more soon. And there will still be 3 rains. There were two kinds of behaviors that would have been done twice in the month of Maha, that year is a member of the Science Association and a sign of good year. There will still be 3 ladders. Tue 'Weather Study Ramanikbhai During the 26th to 30th May, Vamja gave Holi's observations after wind, gajavis and hurricanes in Rohini Nakshatra. There will be rains with Ramanikbhai. At this time, Chan added that Holi bore, Ambam peacock, Desi Amali, and Zal inspection carried out the flowering of Kesudas, such as flowers and neem to 96 minutes. The first 66 minutes is a good one. The wind is a sign of the west from the west till the monsoon.