Saturday, March 16, 2019

Matdar yaadi ma name nodhavava mate date-23 march sudhi chelli tak

Matdar yaadi ma name nodhavava mate date-23 march sudhi chelli tak
To register the name of voter list Last chance

till March 23 (by representative) Surat, Thursday, will be done. Apart from this, after making the changes, no 'Ma' has been declared on the date of the Lok Sabha election The voters, who voted for the first time after a week, voted for the first time Election identification cards will be given. Throughout | Is there. Those 1 8 lakh new voters next | In the first week of the Lok Sabha elections, the booth level officer (Election Commission elected to vote for the BLO) in the first week of October, And if the name is not yet registered will be given. With the Election Commission's order According to registering such voters, only new voters are named after them You will be able to register for a single chance till March 23. is coming . By the end of this March, only the first name will be borne 1, 18 in the Lok Sabha elections this year. Along with that there has been a change in the name of the new million new voters. The first time. | Voting is like voting from one part to another. The voters | Not a single phase operation will be done. The commission has given a chance to the voters to give election identification card within the new week '.

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