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Thelina dudh pivathi cencer no khatro

Penalties increased by up to 3 times: Fear of people What are the new traffic rules .... Motor Vehicle AQ Amendment) - New rules and provisions of 2 Since September 1, the entire state of Gujarat including the city of Ahmedabad has been implemented together and across the country. In case of a violation of traffic rules, the penalty amount is increased up to 3 times. The negligence of the drivers may now be very heavy. If the offense is no longer worn a new seat belt •. General General Chat Chat Lounge 1 - ST cut

Police dalma khali jagyao tatkal barva rajy ssrkarne siptim ne aadesh

Police dalma khali jagyao tatkal barva rajy ssrkarne siptim ne aadesh

In order to recruit the chief justice of every state, Suo should make a big PIL. The burden of work on the recruitment of the state's Supreme Court to fill vacancies vacant in the police force, however, is not vacant in the state police force. Supreme court decreed every reduction: Recruitment of the government under the Supreme Assessment to oversee the IPL કાર્યક્રમ recruitment process of the state's high court immediately at all the recruitment process. The court has assigned the task of appointing High Court Chiefs of each State. Justice Suomoto PIL has ordered the 2009 Supreme Court order. And State of the Guiding Guidelines On all the proceedings, the High Court has directed the government to ensure high monitoring. The court has ordered. All the cases filed in the Supreme Court should be directed to deliver a copy of the evidence in order to control every protest in the State, which violates Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, violating the violent agitation and \ Y / t yLAN disposal, and to ensure that all states of the state have to make a proper guide to prevent all the states. Is there. The state's Pallis has been massed. For the purpose of being specially placed in the Supreme Court under the burden of work, a vacancy was made in the submission of the Police and the State Legislative Assembly in the Armed Forces that state and Union Territory authorities have ordered police regions to fill in all the states of the country. Supreme Court Force is low. Suddenly, every major state government has caused such a tragedy to make it happen. Over time, police do not have the force to be upgraded in adequate police force training for each state. The government has been ordered to recruit by the court for demanding several times. Alpard] Gentleman