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Thelina dudh pivathi cencer no khatro

Penalties increased by up to 3 times: Fear of people What are the new traffic rules .... Motor Vehicle AQ Amendment) - New rules and provisions of 2 Since September 1, the entire state of Gujarat including the city of Ahmedabad has been implemented together and across the country. In case of a violation of traffic rules, the penalty amount is increased up to 3 times. The negligence of the drivers may now be very heavy. If the offense is no longer worn a new seat belt •. General General Chat Chat Lounge 1 - ST cut

Taske poni / vinay nayak /Garurang jadav / new gujarati dj song / whatsapp stutas /2019

Taske poni / vinay nayak /Garurang jadav / new gujarati dj song  /2019

  Communication communication: Communication is the effective distribution or dissemination of opinions or feelings of data by 2 or more people; 3 basic elements of communication are: - pinions of in are: sender receiver (receiver) 0 share ') is = space and vailable or Through and through large communication (through Latin communication, which means "to share") using various techniques or natural means, interact with the whole place and time. Donation is a meaningful activity. Is anyone who is available or preferred? A recipient, lders intent I can occuT that the nality. "The sender's message requires a sender, message, medium, and recipient, but the communication at the time of sending communications The motivation of the audience is to be present or Not aware, this can be a huge gap in communication time and space. Communication requires that parties communicating in the communal equality area. After the receiver understands the sender's message, the communication process completes. Recipient sender message
   J Betullying, Tree Tree Second step encoding: - Next, the message is sent to the receiver in words or in other symbols. Third step decoding: Finally, receiver words or symbols translate an idea or information that a person can understand.