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All information on the website will be uploaded for transparency in subsidy

All information on the website will be uploaded for transparency in subsidy
👉All information will be uploaded on the website for transparency in gas subsidy Due to the various subsidies, scholarships given to the citizens of India by the government, the beneficiaries are being arranged and the transparency providing all subsidy, scholarship and other government economic benefits directly to the beneficiary are linked to the support card and bank account by the central government. But if the gas holder uses gas connections in the name of someone else, they will not get the benefit of the subsidy.
As a result of depositing gas subsidy directly into the subscriber's bank account by the number indicated in the support card, the name of which will be gas connections will be linked to the bank account number base. If gas connection is running in the name of others to get gas subsidy, then it is necessary to transfer gas to them. According to one estimate, 11,500 gas-holders in Bhavnagar di…

Trafic nava niyam

   Drinking water hand roof The area of ​​the roof of rural area homes is usually 300 yo. Is equal to feet. Such winnings are made of tubes, these are made of tubes, which collect the water falling over six d through PVC pipe. There are sand and bricks. A piece of sand and brick is filtered out and collected in a trough on the ground floor. Excess water can be pumped into a nearby well / hand pump, where water is needed at home. Handpump recharge