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Thelina dudh pivathi cencer no khatro

Penalties increased by up to 3 times: Fear of people What are the new traffic rules .... Motor Vehicle AQ Amendment) - New rules and provisions of 2 Since September 1, the entire state of Gujarat including the city of Ahmedabad has been implemented together and across the country. In case of a violation of traffic rules, the penalty amount is increased up to 3 times. The negligence of the drivers may now be very heavy. If the offense is no longer worn a new seat belt •. General General Chat Chat Lounge 1 - ST cut

Trafic nava niyam

   Drinking water hand roof The area of ​​the roof of rural area homes is usually 300 yo. Is equal to feet. Such winnings are made of tubes, these are made of tubes, which collect the water falling over six d through PVC pipe. There are sand and bricks. A piece of sand and brick is filtered out and collected in a trough on the ground floor. Excess water can be pumped into a nearby well / hand pump, where water is needed at home. Handpump recharge