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Grāmya vistārōmāṁ vāḍānī jamīna kabajēdāranē sōmpī dēvāśēḥ rūpāṇī

Grāmya vistārōmāṁ vāḍānī jamīna kabajēdāranē sōmpī dēvāśēḥ rūpāṇī
by.rk The land is legal or owned by the government but has been used by the people since the time of the ancestors - for years, houses, fences and residences are actually occupied by government-owned rural areas for government-owned activity.  Come along with the house!  In the land of the fenced land, the society or the proposed residential land has animals in it - the Niyan family keeps the Revenue people to regularize the land.  This is why the law on assignment has been changed.  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said in the Legislative Assembly that the government-owned land is lawful to give land to the captives in the rural areas before us.  The government has decided to make the people feel.  For this, the legislators are in the legislative assembly that started the action soon after the house in the village, in response to the question, Rupani said the land of the fencing would be delayed for years.

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